High resolution seismic viewing service (HRSVS) DEMONSTRATOR 

Seismic data sets can represent a very large volume and in general their acquisition is very expensive; therefore most data providers do not want to give free access to these geophysical data sets, but ask for negotiation. Moreover in general, data centres are not so keen on providing copies of their seismic data sets but might be more inclined to allow users to view their data remotely in high resolution.

Metadata extensions have been formulated to the Common Data Index metadata format to allow for data providers to include and provide more use metadata on their survey data by which potential users can better judge whether these data sets might be fit for their purposes and worth negotiating.

An extra service has been developed to allow for controlled virtual viewing and analysis of the high resolution seismic images that are managed by the seismic data centres in Geo-Seas. A special DEMONSTRATOR has been established in a test environment to give users a chance to try out this new HRSVS service while the Geo-Seas partners can gather feedback on its performance and functionality.

Please try out the HRSVS DEMONSTRATOR:

The HRSVS DEMONSTRATOR service has been integrated into a special version of the CDI Data Discovery & Access Service and it allows users:

  • to discover a sample set of seismic survey data sets from 8 Geo-Seas data centres
  • to submit requests via the CDI shopping mechanism for downloading and/or high resolution viewing of the seismic images; this requires that users are registered as Geo-Seas users!
  • to follow the processing of their requests via a special version of the Request Status Manager service; in case of restricted data sets data centres will contact users for negotiating access (by downloading and/or viewing)
  • to download agreed files and/or to view agreed files in high resolution.

Please be aware that it might take some time for the data centres to decide upon your requests, before giving access. 

See also the Data Access section for a better understanding of the principles of the CDI service.