User Registration 

The Geo-Seas portal and all metadata services are public domain. However, a User Registration is required for submitting requests for data sets and for downloading data sets from the distributed data centres, which is regulated via the Common Data Index (CDI) service. The user registration is required to ensure that users agree with the SeaDataNet Data Policy and its associated User Licence, that is ruling all data set deliveries and that also has been adopted by Geo-Seas. Moreover, it gives partners insight in its users and their data requirements.  

Users must register once in order to get a personal login name and password. This is done by filling a web form and confirming, that the user accepts the terms and conditions of the SeaDataNet - Geo-Seas User Licence. A Central User Register is maintained, but the user registration request is managed per country by the specific National Oceanographic Data Centre / Marine Data Centre. This centre checks the authentity of the user, and if ok, orders the Central User Register to send the user an e-mail with its access credentials. This includes also the role, that has been allocated to the user, and that is used by the processing of data set requests.