CDI and Low Resolution Seismic Viewing 

The Common Data Index (CDI) metadata format as in use in the CDI Data Discovery and Access service has been extended for the purpose of seismic and side scan sonar survey data with the Observations & Measurements (O&M) and SensorML schemas. These kind of data sets can represent a very large volume and in general their acquisition is very expensive; therefore most data providers do not give free access to these geophysical data sets, but ask for negotiation. The metadata extensions then allow for data providers to include and provide more use metadata on these survey data by which potential users can better judge whether these data sets might be fit for their purposes and worth negotiating. This judgment can be enlarged by providing also pre-viewing of the seismic images.

Therefore the services of the CDI Data Discovery and Access service have been extended with a public available Low Resolution Seismic Viewing service. This is implemented by giving access to thumbnails of the seismic survey images as part of the CDI details page in the 'additional services' section and its O&M extension.

Illustrations of the O&M and SensorML extensions and the pre-viewing can be found in the CDI Data Discovery and Access service by searching for seismic surveys:

CDI search pre-filled for seismics

Click on Search to get the seismic results
Click on the Show buttons to see the CDI details including the extensions and thumbnails (if provided)